Terms and Conditions


Our Misfuel disclaimer

Yes, the boring stuff that we have to declare…

The owner and/or its agents acknowledge and agree that

• No fix No charge only applies if, in the very unlikely event, we are unable to remove/drain the contaminated fuel from your vehicle, we will NOT require any form of payment.

• There is a possibility that the vehicle may not start or will have running issues once the process has been completed due to damage caused by the administration of the wrong fuel.

• There may be permanent damage to the vehicle’s engine and/or fuel system or interrelated parts due to the incorrect fuel being administered into the vehicle by the owner and/or its agents.

• In the event the vehicle does not start or starts with obvious running issues the owner will be required to take the vehicle to a mechanic to undertake a thorough check of the vehicle.

• Mobile Fuel Rescue does not guarantee that the vehicle will be cured of any defects due to the administering of incorrect fuel by the owner and/or its agent.

• Mobile Fuel Rescue will refill the vehicle with 10L of correct fuel once the process has been undertaken however Mobile Fuel Rescue is not affiliated with any fuel companies and cannot and does not guarantee that any fuel administered by it will be free from any contaminants.

The owner and/or its agents forever release and indemnify Mobile Fuel Rescue and its agents from any action, claim, suit, or demand of whatsoever nature arising out of or from the services performed at the request of the owner.

For the avoidance of doubt, Mobile Fuel Rescue and/or its representatives are not agents of the Owner, and the Owner agrees and acknowledges that Mobile Fuel Rescue and/or its representatives are not performing the contracted services in such a capacity.